God has created us for unimaginable adventures.  But if that's true, why do so many of us feel lost or stuck in our faith? The truth is that many times we all need help to get off on the right foot and in the right direction.


This is where THE QUEST COMPASS comes in. By following three steps, each beginning with the letter "D",  every day can become a new adventure filled with opportunities for God to work in you and through you in powerful ways.

Whether you're reading The Bible, in a simple conversation over coffee with a friend, or leading a large group gathering, THE QUEST COMPASS will provide all you need to help you and those around you begin to live a faith more vibrant than ever before.

"I was amazed how The Quest Compass simplifies a walk of faith without compromising the

necessity of God's Word and dependence upon The Holy Spirit."

"(The Quest Compass) helps remove my fear when I talk about my faith."

"After spending thousands of dollars on church health/growth consultants, our church was no better off than before.  After just one hour with Steven, we discovered more clarity and direction than we had ever known."