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Imagine learning The Quest Compass in the place where it all began: Walt Disney World. The Quest Compass was designed and developed in Cast Member Church, a ministry whose mission field is the 74,000 employees of The Walt Disney World Resort.


We offer two unique ONEday Workshop opportunities to learn The Quest Compass near or actually inside Walt Disney World:


TABLE TALKS: You are invited to sit at the dining room table of Steven Barr, whose home is located one mile behind Cinderella's Castle and have the opportunity to process The Quest Compass with him for your own unique context.  This provides the opportunity for you to discuss your own situation with Steven and let him help you process the ideas and inspirations that will help maximize the benefits of The Quest Compass. This workshop is 6-hours and includes a delicious lunch.  Table Talks are limited to three participants to provide a quality, personalized experience.


KINGDOM WALKS: If you are looking for a little magic while you learn to apply The Quest Compass, why not do so in the middle of Magic Kingdom?  This 6-hour workshop offers the complete training but happens on the move using locations in Magic Kingdom as a backdrop. Kingdom Walks include admission to Magic Kingdom and a relaxed sit-down lunch.  This is limited to 3 participants to provide personalized engagement throughout the day.


Whether you're already coming to Walt Disney World for vacation with your family OR you're excited to learn The Quest Compass and want to add a few days of relaxation at Disney while you're here, our Walt Disney World Workshops are an ideal way to experience a new level of ministry. 

"Walking through Magic Kingdom with Steven--all the while learning how to apply The Quest Compass--gave me a deeper understanding and heightened excitement for the adventure God is preparing me for."