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Steven Barr is the Founding Pastor of Cast Member Church, recognized as one of the most innovative churches in the U.S. 


The church's mission field began with the 47 square mile property known as the Walt Disney World Resort. With four major theme parks, two water parks, 30 hotels, several golf courses, spas, and a campground, Walt Disney World is one of the world's most popular travel destinations. It takes approximately 74,000 employees (called "Cast Members") to create the magic Disney is known for--and has no equal.  The church he leads serves those who make the magic happen.  


Cast Member Church has become a network of disciplemaking communities (called "CommuniDs") that span the globe on six continents.


As Steven was first launching Cast Member Church, he found it necessary to develop a framework to help Cast Members--at any point in their faith journey--learn how to hear and respond to God in a way that was simple, Scriptural, and scalable (easy to share with others). The result was a tool called "The Quest Compass."


The Quest Compass is the go-to discipling vehicle for Cast Member Church AND a rapidly expanding number of churches beyond Disney. His book, "A Guide To A Life Beyond Imagination," introduces you to this innovative tool.


Steven is an inspiring visionary and communicator with a passion for facilitating movement, momentum, and multiplication in churches and disciplemaking communities worldwide. He is a sought-after speaker known for his ability to spread a contagious passion for disciplemaking and expanding Kingdom influence.


Steven lives within a mile of Cinderella's Castle with his wife, Lucia, and their two young adult children, Marisol and Miguel.